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How To Adjust To Daylight Saving


Welcome to Arbors at California Oaks, located in Murrietta, CA. Our apartment complex in Murrietta features an enjoyable mix of style, convenience, and luxury. From our thoughtfully designed one and two-bedroom layouts to our outstanding community amenities, you will not be disappointed when you sign a lease at Arbors at California Oaks. 


Now that daylight saving has made its way back around, it’s time to start of how you’ll adjust to the time change. Check out a few of our recommendations below: 


Keep You Schedule As Is

Making sudden or major shifts in your routine can have adverse effects on your body. You’ll want to opt towards keeping your routine the same, however, making gradual changes as need. For example, there’s no need to drastically change your sleep schedule. Instead, allow your body to fall asleep and wake up at its normal time. It normally takes about a week or two before your body has fully adjusted to the time change. 


Resist The Urge To Nap

A midday nap might sound appealing at first, however, we recommend against it. Taking a long nap during the middle of the day is a good way to make falling asleep later that night quite the challenge. 


Incorporate Bedtime Rituals

Adding rituals such as before-bed yoga or meditation to your nighttime routine may help you if you’re struggling to fall asleep. These rituals can act as signals to your body that it is time to rest. 


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